God’s Glowsticks

Yesterday started out in a quite unusual way. I was privileged at being invited to meet a newly discovered family member, not something which I’ve ever before experienced! This young man and his wife had traveled from several states away and were taking the time to meet and get to know family that until recently didn’t even know they had. On my way to meet them, a bit of nervousness set in. Would conversation be easy or would it be awkward? Would I know the right things to say to help them feel comfortable and accepted or would I blow it by being a goofball? Immediately upon entering the room where we’d spend the next hour looking at family pictures and sharing family history, I knew that our visit together would be good. This young couple was friendly and greeted me with warm smiles. It was as though they had always been family. Well, in a sense they had been. An unexpected gift from God, blessings to our family. Blessings that, without God’s intervention, would have remained unknown.

Last night as I settled into my spot on the back porch and pondered the day’s happenings, the final rays of the sun setting in the west were steadily replaced by fireflies (lightning bugs, as we refer to them here in southwestern Pennsylvania). God’s little glowsticks are always welcomed as they come out to visit on warm summer evenings. The sights and sounds of an early July summer evening in our small town are predictable and typical. All varieties of fireworks can be heard and seen coming from every direction, some faint in the distance and others as close as the backyards of nearby neighbors.

Fireworks, snap pops, glowsticks. There’s just something special about them that capture my attention. The sounds. The colors. The lights. They’re mesmerizing. An assortment of glowsticks can usually be found in our home, ready to be put to use. As a child, glowsticks weren’t available on the market, but I was fascinated by the natural glowsticks that God provided so would capture them and place them in a jar with a lid poked full of breathing holes. I would stare at those little creatures which provided hours of entertainment as they showed off alternating their display of lights.

It was a day that had overflowed with blessings, glowsticks from God. Special people and special moments that brighten your day, evidences of God’s handiwork in this world. What ended as a typical day in the first week of July had certainly not begun in typical fashion. A young man and his wife who, much like those lightning bugs, drew me in with their warmth and glow. Blessings. Blessings of light and of life. God’s glowsticks.

Hope nugget: 

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights… (James 1:17)


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