A Dream Fulfilled

My last blog post, “The Journey,” chronicling my return to college to complete a Bachelor’s degree, was written over a year ago. My blog has been on hold since then as I’ve focused on the courses needed to complete a degree of Teaching English as a Second Language. It’s been a forty year journey which began in 1982 when I set foot in a classroom at Penn State Fayette with the intention of becoming a nurse. The paths that we take in life don’t necessarily end up in the places we expect. Wise choices are made, poor choices are made, and each of us follows diverse paths which become part of our life’s story.

The dream I had of completing a degree has been fulfilled. On May 7, I walked across the stage in the Vines Center at Liberty University and was recognized as a graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. It was an amazing day and weekend of celebration including touring the beautiful Lynchburg campus, and meeting in person for the first time a few online TESL classmates and a favorite professor who had been a wonderful godly mentor. God’s goodness and grace led me to LU, blessing me with the ability to achieve my dream. 

Who would have thought that a global pandemic would have provided me with time to complete coursework which I would not have otherwise had? I started looking seriously at applying to Liberty at about the same time as the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. School closures and remote learning afforded me extra time in my work day as a paraprofessional to devote to my college studies. My journey would have been much more difficult without a very supportive and helpful husband, and a few close family and friends who prayed and offered encouragement. God had in place for me everything I needed to achieve my dream, and in a much more marvelous way than I had anticipated.

I arrived home after graduation to a roomful of decorations placed by my sweet granddaughters.
I cherish the graduation cards from family and friends.

My God is one of Hope. The hopes and dreams of a 58-year-old, returning college student were fulfilled through the goodness of God. He is a God who often gives us the unmerited desires of our hearts. I’ll now wait on Him to open a door of opportunity for me to work with English Language Learners. The education I received from Liberty University was excellent, and I desire to use with excellence the things I’ve learned to make a difference for others, and as a way to bring glory to God. Lord, help me to delight in You, and to bring You glory.

HOPE NUGGET: Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart [Psalm 37:4].


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